Rates & Hours:                                                  
DAYCARE: (between 8am and 7pm*)                                                           $45/day
Earlier drop off (scheduled in advance) between 7 am and 8 am is an additional $5
Late pickup between 7 pm and 9 pm (either scheduled in advance or a true emergency) is
an additional $5 per hour or partial hour.   After 9 pm an unscheduled overnight boarding charge of $25
will apply and your dog will be fed dinner and breakfast and must be picked up by 9:30 am the next morning to avoid
an additional $50 daycare charge.                                                   
OVERNIGHT BOARDING:  (Available for established day care clients)                  $60/night 
Overnight Boarding is limited to no more than four dogs and includes daycare
from as early as 8 am of the day they are sleeping over with pickup on the last