Daycare & Overnight Boarding: 
Before caring for a dog for the first time, I like to have a "Meet & Greet" so that we can get acquainted and I can describe a typical day. You can see where your dog will be spending their time, you can tell me about your dog, and we can observe their interaction/comfort level in a small group. If we decide it's a good fit, this first 20 to 30 minute visit will mean that your dog will be returning to a familiar place when you drop them off for their first day. Your dog will be happy here.
Established daycare clients are welcome to schedule their pup for overnight boarding. 
Your dog's day will be filled with play, walks, tummy rubs and ear scratches, cuddles and rest times. Dogs boarding overnight will be warm and snug;. many choose to sleep in my bed or a dog bed in my bedroom.  . 
Our doggy guests are never crated and your dog can move freely from the house through open French doors onto a large deck and the secure, fenced backyard. There are sunny and shaded areas  for lounging, ball play, catch me if you can, or tug-o-war.  
The dogs go on daily sniffing adventures in Venice's quiet Silver Triangle and Oxford Basin neighborhoods. Overnight guests go out for a potty break before turning in for the night. 
Because health and safety are important, fresh drinking water is always available and dog waste is picked up throughout the day. This is a smoke-free home. All treats are sourced from the USA.